United States Senate – Vermont U.S. Senator Hank Brown and U.S. Senator James M. Jeffords.

“…the tremendous contribution you have made to history and human culture with your fascinating excavation.”

U.S. Senator Hank Brown and U.S. Senator James M. Jeffords.


New York Post – News Group Publications, INC.

“It was a tremendous experience for me to see such a spectacular house. You really have made your own personal contribution to the glory of Jerusalem.”

Editorial Editor Bruce Rothwell


Jewish Agency for Israel – Institute for Leadership Development

“Your love of labor is truly significant because you are willing to share it with all of Am Yisrael. All the archeological findings and restoration are truly breath-taking, but without the two of you as the rebuilders and caretakers of our heritage is the great fortune of the Jewish people. Through this project, you are the teachers in the truest sense of the word.”

Program Coordinator David Morris


United Jewish Appeal

“The sense of our historic heritage became quite tangible and made our visit to Jerusalem even more special.”

General Chairman Morton A. Kornreich


State of Idaho Attorney General

“The visit to your home-seeing the ruins beneath, the antiquities you have unearthed, and witnessing the untold hours of labor that must have been involved-is something we will never forget.”

Larry and Terry EchoHawk


United States Senate – California

“It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit your great country. I particularly enjoyed the tour of the catacombs far below your beautiful home.”

United States Senator John Seymour


United States Senate – Idaho

“It was truly enlightening for us to get a better understanding of the ancient and recent history of Israel.”

United States Senator Larry E. Craig


United States Senate – Louisiana

“You truly have one of the most spectacular and enchanting homes in the world.”

United States Senator J. Bennett Johnston